Established Scaffolding erectors Since 1966

Welcome To A.L.S. Scaffolding Hire LTD

A.L.S Scaffolding Hire is a well established Derbyshire family business.

We pride ourselves on a prompt high standard of scaffolding work with a highly skilled and experienced team, bo
th on site and in the office.

  • Fully insured scaffolding team
  • Fully trained personnel
  • Structural engineering
  • Plans used where necessary
  • Scaffolding contracts carried out in Derbyshire, Staffordshire,Nottinghamshire,Yorkshire and Cheshire.

One of Derbyshire's leading Scaffolding companies

ALS Scaffolding of Derbyshire are Experts in complex scaffolding  jobs
A.L.S Scaffolding Hire LTD. Matlock, Derbyshire.
ALS Scaffolding Hire LTD
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